Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Senior Vice President , Point of care network , LLC
Northwestern University , USA
Biography :

Strategic and Tactical Executive for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to maximize leadership positions (company and products). Global role for US and EU presence for 2017. The next 5 years will expand towards Global Reach in Latin America and Asia. Rare disease and Biologics focus. Encompasses Commercial, Medical, and Business Development. Strategic Cross-Functional and Cross-Divisional Experience at Several Leadership Roles at Abbott Laboratories and a Private Equity Funded Pharma Start Up Company. Complimented by Biotechnology and Rare Diseases Executive experience, this positions leadership and support to several aspects in the industry. Track Record of Leading High Performing Teams that exceeds commitments. Turned around teams and businesses to leadership positions. Global experience across Developed and Emerging Markets. Recognized Launch Expertise across various markets. Award-winning performance across various Divisions and Functions.

Research Interest :

Neuro Immunology

OCM Member
Professor and Chair, Dermatology & Immunopathology
University of Saint Francis Xavier , Bolivia
Biography :

Mabel Fabiola Ramallo Jadue is a Physician Surgeon specialist in Dermatology-Immunopathology and Allergy. She is a Professor and Chair of Dermatology-Immunoalergologia, Faculty of Medicine at University of Saint Francis Xavier. She has been the member of the Bolivian Society of Dermatology & Internal Medicine, Sucre Branch since 2002. She is also the member of International Society of Dermatology and member of European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

OCM Member
Flow Cytometry Specialist, Laboratory of Immunology
Sapienza University of Rome , Italy
Biography :

Researcher with over 10 years of experience in flow cytometry (i.e. BD LSRFortessa, BD FACS Canto I and II, BD FACSCalibur™, BD AccuriTM C6 Cytometer, Beckman Coulter's CytoFLEX, Novocyte, BD FACS Aria™ I and III cell sorter), with a strong immunological background proven by scientific publications and certificates. Her skills include quality control, processing, training, experimental design, troubleshooting, as well as interpretation/explanation of results. Strong managerial skills achieved in the laboratory, tutor of students and post bachelor fellows, coordinator of orders, materials, and instruments. Great interpersonal and communication skills. Keen to work in a team-worker and in a goal-oriented environment.

Research Interest :

Flow Cytometry

OCM Member
Assistant Professor, Pathology & Immunology
Baylor College of Medicine , USA
Biography :

I am the lead pathologists’ assistant (PA) certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) with a master of health science degree appointed for 10 years as an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) and a clinical adjunct professor of Quinnipiac University’s Pathologists’ Assistant Program. My clinical work includes recognizing and sampling macroscopic disease within surgical pathology specimens postoperatively or during the surgical intraoperative consultation at Ben Taub General Hospital. Occasionally, I cover St. Joseph Medical Center and BCM’s West Belfort lab in this capacity. With optimal patient care as my goal, I decrease the workload of the pathologists and residents who I simultaneously teach by leading through example. After observing and assessing various pathology trainees, including fellows, pathologists’ assistant students, medical students and shadowing undergraduates, I developed a passion to strengthen both pathology residency and pathologists’ assistant programs which is reflected in my curriculum development efforts. For example, by request of the residents, I conduct monthly Interesting Gross Case Workshops currently teleconferenced at a national level to two PA programs. I received Spring 2016’s Fulbright and Jaworski Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching Evaluation verifying the quality and quantity of my educational efforts. Because literature and statistics expose gaps in pathology residency education and dwindling interest to enter the pathology field by medical students, I created and directed the 2017 All-City Anatomic Pathology Symposium sponsored by BCM, which introduced the field of pathology to medical students and undergraduates and offered recapitulation to residents and fellows and ASCP CMLE credits to PAs. The symposium fostered citywide collaborative teaching platforms for pathologists and PAs. The planning committee was comprised of academic PAs-members of the local PA professional organization, Pathassist of Texas in Houston, LLC, founded and presided by myself. While planning this academic feat, American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants offered me speaking engagements for 2 consecutive years and requested my help to incorporate academic PA education into their educational plan. My suggestions produced roundtable discussion groups/workshops for 2 annual conferences. While revolutionizing the PA field as a respected and recognized academic resource for pathology learners, as an example to my colleagues, I strengthened my faculty portfolio by expanding my research and scholarly efforts, an area of weakness for PAs. I designed five research projects with 4 receiving IRB approval. I serve as a first author on four manuscripts with two published. I will be presenting my research as an invited keynote lecturer in Zurich at the end of August 2018. In addition, I am a PI for Baylor College of Medicine Tissue Resource, TCGA Tissue Source Repository Tissue Source Site for Clinical and Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) Phase III funded by National Institute of Health, Genome Research Institute, and National Cancer Institute. To further implement changes in pathology education, I am currently a resident in the 6th cohort for the University of Houston’s Executive Doctorate in Professional Leadership Program (EdD) which focuses upon educational needs in medicine and problem-solving strategies through intensive research, thus continuing BCM’s mission of improving health through science, innovation, teamwork and excellence.

Research Interest :


OCM Member
Lecturer at Sabratha university in Surman Medical technology college, Cancer Immunology
Universiti Malaysia Sabah , Malaysia
Biography :

Dr. Qutaiba Kafi Jassim is among the great names in the field of Immunology. His work and achievements in the field of Immunology are tremendous as he has 9 years of experience in the field of Immunology. Currently, he is serving as a lecturer in Surman medical Technology in Libya. Scientific certification: - Medical Immunology (MSc.)/ University Sciences Malaysia(USM)-12/6/2009. - (Veterinary Medicine and Surgery) (B.Sc.) Faculty of Veterinary, University of Baghdad- 1980. - Veterinary Doctor in Baghdad from 10/12/1980 - 1/7/1994. Research Area: Cancer Immunology . Research experience from my Master degree: 1- Cell culture and preparing media. 2- Frozen tissue section and embedding tissue section. 3- Immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry staining. 4- SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis. 5- Western bloat. 6- Dot blot. 7- Fluorescent microscope and BioImaging machine. 8- Haematoxyline stain. Attend scientific conferences in Malaysia during my study of MSc.: 1- 2nd AMDI Postgraduate Scientific Seminar, as participant on 29/ 5/ 2008. 2- 13th National conference on Medical Sciences "Healthier Community through Continuous Innovation and Education, as participant, USM, Kelantan, Malaysia on 22-23 May 2008. 3- Graduates Scientific Seminar, as participant in Auditorium 1, Eureka Complex, IPPT- AMDI, USM, on 7/ 6/ 2007. 4- 1st Workshop Care and Management of Laboratory Animals: Ethics, Management and Safety as participant on 2-3 August 2006 , Auditorium 1 Usains , Eureka Complex, USM. 5- Seminar: Quality Assurance in Medicine and Dentistry from 3rd – 5th January 2006 at Room Office of Research Platforms, AMDI, USM, Penang. 6- Seminar for scientific writing from 28 – 30 August 2006 USM. 7- Work Shop: Bioinformatics and Genomics Workshop on 30 / 11 / 2007, School Of Computer Sciences, USM. 8- Workshop: Bioinformatics Applications in Medicine on 13 November 2008, School of Computer Sciences, USM, Penang. 9- Seminar: Biologics Course Program from 14th – 16th January 2009 Eureka complex, USM, Penang, Malaysia. Awards: Gold medal of scientific entitlement with rank of: Excellent for many articles publishing in: 1- Journal of Poultry disease of Medill yeast and North Africa. 2-Bovine and Ovine Journal of Medill yeast and North Africa,in 16 / 6/ 2003. Teaching and work Experience: - Lecturer for Immunology from 1/10/2010 in Bani Walled university, Alzawia university and now in Sabratha university until now. Paper presented in conferences: 1- Qutaiba, K., J. (2008) Immunoblotting analysis of the expression of IBMR3 antigen in mouse and rat tissue. In the abstracts of the Malaysian journal of medical sciences, vol. 15 supplements 1, page 134. 2- Second AMDI Postgraduate Scientific Seminar, as presenter for my presentation (Analysis of the Expression of IBME3 antigen in cells and tissues from rodents).Kepala Batas, IPPT, Pulau Pinang, 29-5-2008. My issued researches in international scientific Journals: 1- Qutaiba, K. Alrawi*1 , Ishak Mat1 and Tahir, M. Khan2( 2009) A Comparative Profile Analysis of The Expression Of IBMR3 Antigens In Cardiac Tissue of Balb/C Mouse and Rat Health Med Journal.3,)2(. 190-191. 2- Jassim Alrawi, Qutaiba Kafi; AbdulRazzaq, Hadder Akram; Hazim, Ammar Imad; Omari, Saleh M. S.; Abdul Majid, A. M. S; Hassan Moad, Ahmed Ismail (2010 ) A Comparative Profile of The Expression Of IBMR3 Antigens In Hepatic Tissue of Balb/C Mouse and Rat After Analysis . HealthMed Journal; Vol. 4 Issue 2, p360. 3- Saleh M. S. Omari, Noor G.H. Abu Al-Rob,Salizwati M.Salhimi, Abdalrahim F.A. Aisha, Said M.N. Khasib, Nithya Niranjini Muttiah,Qutaiba K.J. Alrawi, Amin M.S. Abdul Majid, Ishaq Mat and Aishah Abdul lattiff(2012) Comparative Phosphorylation Profiles of Adhesion Kinase among Cancer Colon Cell Line and Tissue. American Journal of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2 (3): 146-156. 4- Azab El-Sayed Azab1, El-Dakhly .A .T2, Qutaiba K. Alrawi3, Mohamed O. Albasha4 ( 2013) Protective Effects of Sesame Oil against Lead Acetate Induced Haemato-Biochemical Toxicity in Albino Mice. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR): 6.14 |: 4.438. 5- Qutaiba Kafi Jassim Alrawi(2014) The profile of the expression of IBMR3 antigens 3T3 and HT29 cancer cell line after analysis. Science Research, 2(4): 55-61. 6- El-Dakhly A.T, Azab El Sayed Azab Qutaiba K. Alrawi and Nuri Mohamed Lashkham (2015) Evaluation of substitution of fetal calf serum in VERO cell cultures by fish serum . Int.J.Curr.Res.Aca.Rev.3(2): 1-8. Book Compilation In Arabic language: 1- Autoimmune Diseases. 2-Immunology. 3- Microbiology. 4- Medical ethics. 5- History of Medical Ethics. 6- Breast Cancer. 7- First Aids. 8- Aids (note book). Activities: Translation for Immunology- CHAPTER ONE INNATE(NON SPECIFC) IMMUNITY (Gene Mayer, PhD) . From English to Arabic language. For the University of South Carolina School of Medicine with my efforts. Website:

OCM Member
Edith Cowan University , Australia
Biography :

Dr. Ian James Martins is an Editor/Reveiwer for Open Acess Pub/MDPI journals and various other international journals. Advisory Board Member for Photon Journal. Fellow of International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR). Conferred with the RICHARD KUHN RESEARCH AWARD-2015 ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM. Chief Editor for International Journal of Diabetes Research (2014-2018), Research and Reviews: Neuroscience (2016-2018) and Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Studies (2017-2018). BIT Member (BIT Congress. Inc) with an H-index of 64, (ResearchGate STATs (27), Scopus Author ID: 7103152779/Mendeley STATS (21), UWA Research Repository (16). Scientist for The Science Advisory Board (USA) and an Academic with The citations past 27 years have accumulated to >4584. Ian James Martins - Semantic Scholar Semantic Scholar profile for Ian James Martins, with fewer than 50 highly influential citations

Research Interest :

Anti-Aging, Global Health and Chronic Disease

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